Mannington Timberplus™ Natural TBRP08NAT1



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Real hardwood. Incredibly durable.  Really waterproof. This innovative product combines the natural beauty of hardwood with extreme durability. TimberPlus® is 100% real hardwood that is 2 times more scratch resistant and 3 times more dent resistant than traditional hardwood and is waterproof, thanks to our SpillShield®Plus technology, 5G® Dry™ profile and high moisture resistance core.  This is the perfect hardwood choice for homes desiring a true hardwood floor while needing unparalleled performance. Extra-large hardwood planks that are 8” wide and 7’ long provide a dramatic aesthetic to any room. TimberPlus® is real hardwood from top to bottom.  The innovative technique used to create the top layer of the floor enables 10 times more flooring to be produced from the same amount of lumber compared to traditional engineered wood flooring.  
Mannington Timberplus™ Rust TBRP08RT1
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Mannington Timberplus™ Natural TBRP08NAT1

Product Attributes

Collection Timberplus®
Color Natural
Construction Engineered
Shade Light
Species White Oak
Edge Micro Bevel
Application Residential
Thickness 1/2"
Location Above, Below or On Grade and Over Radiant Heat
Installation Method Glue or Float